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2024 Season

Sydney Mozart Society | 2024 Season The Society is delighted to announce that the Goldner String Quartet opens the 2024 Season; although sadly this is the end of a 30 year-long collaboration that the Society will sorely miss.  This renowned quartet kicks off a season featuring some of... Read More

"A great concert" - and a chance to enjoy it again

"A great concert, fully appreciated by a receptive audience..." That's the verdit of ClassikON Ambassador Tony Burke, who attended our second concert this season on Friday 14 April at the Concourse Concert Hall. Daniel Herscovitch (on right in image below) and Clemens Leske were the two fine pianists... Read More



Tickets for the 2023 season were posted out the week of 3 March 2023 to all members who have renewed to date and to our new members. Our first concert is the Goldner String Quartet who will perform on Thursday 23rd March at 8pm at the... Read More

Thank you, Seraphim Trio

Thank you Seraphim Trio for a wonderful concert last Wednesday night, 31 August, 2022. Outside it was cold, dark and ordinary, but inside the Concourse Concert Hall the Seraphim Trio wove their unique magic and the audience enjoyed the warm cheer of Haydn's C major piano trio and the almost symphonic... Read More

Thank you Flinders Quartet

Thank you Flinders Quartet and Vatche Jsmbazian

Our thanks to the Flinders Quartet and their guest on piano, Vatche Jambazian, for the fantastic concert on Wednesday 17th.
The absolute silence of the audience during all... Read More

Thank you Frank Celata and Friends

A big "Thank You" to Frank Celata and Friends for an extra-special concert on March 31. The rapport of highly skilled friends added a unique energy to an exceptional audience experience. Don't take my word for it - see Tony Burke's Read More

Concert details for Nov and Dec 2021

We are very pleased to announce that two concerts have now been re-scheduled to take place before the end of the year at the Chatswood Concourse:

Wednesday 17th November 2021 at 8pm
Emma Jardine (violin) and Benjamin Kopp (piano)  (from the Streeton... Read More

Meet Daniel Herscovitch

Meet Daniel Herscovitch, a distinguished pianist and academic, who will be performing with Clemens Leske on Thursday 8 April at The Concourse Chatswood.

2021 2 Herscovitch Bio...						<a href=Read More

Meet Clemens Leske

Meet Clemens Leske, who will be performing with Daniel Herscovitch in our concert for two pianos on Thursday 8 April at The Concourse Chatswood.

We eagerly await our second concert post-lockdown and the rare chance to Read More

2021 Concert Season Details

An Invitation to New Members

Become a member of the Sydney Mozart Society and enjoy the 4 remaining  concerts for the  all-inclusive price of $132 (new member) or $52 (full time student).
Children under 13 years – free... Read More

Concerts Recommence - March and April 2021

March and April concert dates

Welcome back to an exceptional series of concerts this year.

We look forward to seeing you at our opening concert with the Goldner String Quartet on Thursday 4th March at 8pm, and at our second concert with Daniel Herscovitch and Clemens Leske scheduled for... Read More

Cancellation of August and September concerts

The uncertainty of the COVID crisis continues for live performances and on present information the Concourse venue will not be re-opening before 1 October at the earliest.

In these circumstances, I confirm that the concerts scheduled for 21 August (AWO Chamber Ensemble) and 18 September (Ian Munro and... Read More

Postponement of April and May Concerts

Due to the COVID-19 (corona virus) situation, it has become necessary to postpone the forthcoming Sydney Mozart Society concerts on Friday 3 April 2020 with the Australian Haydn Ensemble and Friday 1 May 2020 with the Seraphim Trio. Discussions are taking place with the ensembles and the Concourse to fix... Read More

Meet Lloyd Van't Hoff

We will be welcoming Lloyd Van't Hoff as guest clarinet with the Flinders Quartet at our next concert on Friday 28 February at the Concourse Chatswood. It's the first time that Lloyd has appeared for Sydney Mozart Society, and we are looking forward to hearing him  perform Read More

Flinders Quartet, Shaping a Vibrant Music Future

We’re looking forward to the Flinders Quartet concert for the Society on 28 February 2019. The Quartet members are not just  masterful musicians, they are also  committed to furthering the Australian tradition of chamber music through regularly commissioning and premiering works by Australia composers. 2020 Read More

Beethoven, Out of This World

Beethoven's String Quartet Opus 130 is one of the works that Flinders Quartet will perform in its concert on 28 February 2020, for Sydney Mozart Society. The Cavatina movement from this quartet has the rare distinction of being included on... Read More

Arts Engagement and Longevity

It's the start of a New Year and you're probably thinking about New Year resolutions for 2020. Going to more concerts is a good one. The British Medical Journal recently reported  an extensive 14 year study that found “receptive arts engagement could have a protective association with longevity in older... Read More

A Message from the President

Dear Members and Friends, All the best for Christmas and the New Year from the Sydney Mozart Society. 

We appreciate your support this year and look forward to seeing you at our first concert for 2020 on 28 February. It promises to be another excellent series of the best in chamber music performed Read More

Thank You Enigma Quartet

Through its concert series, festival appearances and creative collaborations with different performers and composers, the Enigma Quartet has established a reputation for fine technique and dynamic style. Their concert for Sydney Mozart Society on Friday 25 October 2019 lived up to expectations. Their... Read More

Thank You Sophie and Kristian

Violinist Sophie Rowell and  pianist Kristian Chong are two of Australia's leading musicians. Both are highly sought after in Australia and overseas as soloists, chamber musicians and recording artists.  Frequent collaborators, their performances together are marked by  warm rapport, sensitive interpretations and... Read More

2020 Concert Season Announcement

The  Sydney Mozart Society is delighted to announce its 2020 concert season. Please save the six Friday night dates set out below. Our season brochure - with a membership application form - will be available shortly. We will let you know when single ticket sales for next year will... Read More

Thank You Sydney Soloists

It was a crisp winter evening on Friday 2nd August 2019, but inside the Concert Hall at the Concourse, Chatswood the ambience was warm and the audience expectant, then captivated and entertained.  Most left with a smile on their face and renewed spring in their step.

The Sydney... Read More

Spotlight on Ernö Dohnányi

One of the works in our Sydney Soloists concert on 2 August 2019 at The Concourse Chatswood is the Sextet in C, Op. 97  for piano, violin, viola, 'cello, clarinet and horn by  Ernö Dohnányi, the Hungarian pianist, composer, teacher and conductor. Composed in 1935, the Sextet in C is an expressive... Read More

Thank You Selby & Friends

Thank you Kathryn Selby, Andrew Haveron and Timo-Veikko Valve for a memorable performance last Friday night, 24 May 2019 at The Concourse expressing all the warmth, joy and exuberance of early Beethoven works. The Selby & Friends performance inside The Concourse was just as dazzling as the Chatswood Vivid light Read More

Seven Things To Know About The Seven Variations

One of the works in our 2019 Selby and Friends concert is Beethoven's  - Variations (7) on Mozart’s "Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen" from The Magic Flute, for 'cello and piano, WoO 46. Bei Männern is a lovely duet sung  in Mozart's opera by Princess Pamina and the birdcatcher Papageno.... Read More

Thank You Goldner String Quartet

On Friday 5 April 2019, The Goldner String Quartet, fresh from recording sessions and concert appearances in the UK, presented a concert for Sydney Mozart Society that displayed their technical mastery, sensitivity and rapport. Their performance of  Haydn's Op. 50 Dream quartet was radiant and... Read More

Arthur Edward Smith, an Inspiring Life

When you come to hear the Goldner String Quartet perform at our next concert on 5 April 2019 take a moment to admire Irina Morozova's viola. It has a rich, warm sound and a beautiful appearance with finely proportioned curves and glowing colour.  Irina's viola was made in 1947 for Richard Goldner. Its maker was... Read More

Thank You Australia Piano Quartet

Thank you Australia Piano Quartet for opening the Society's 69th concert season with such a memorable performance. Friday 8 March at The Concourse  was a night of great classical music played with masterful technique, intelligence and passion. From the elegant finesse of Mozart and Beethoven to the dramatic... Read More

Music, Technology and Inclusion

We are looking forward to the opening of the Society's 2019 ceason, when the Australia Piano Quartet will  perform works by Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms  at our concert on 8 March 2019. We know the members of the Australia Piano Quartet as very fine classical musicians. But there is more to their... Read More

The Violins of 2018

There is a deep and enduring bond between musicians and the instruments they play. Musicians probably spend more time in the company of their instruments than with their family and friends. The understanding between musician and instrument is the heart of any great performance. If the instrument is old,... Read More

Thank You Streeton Trio

Thank you Streeton Trio - and your guest 'cellist Umberto Clerici - for bringing the Society's 2018 concert season to a thrilling close on  Friday night. The concert featured  two of the greatest and best- loved works in the piano trio repertoire, Beethoven’s Archduke trio and Schubert’s piano trio no 2.... Read More

Thank You Australian String Quartet

Thank you to the Australian String Quartet for a superb concert on 5 October 2018.

The  audience members who braved heavy rain that night were rewarded with music that captured the grace of Scarlatti's sonata in D, the exquisite tenderness of Puccini’s Crisantemi, the elegance of... Read More

Our New Patron - Dene Olding AM

We are delighted to announce that  Dene Olding AM has agreed to become a Patron of the Sydney Mozart Society. Dene is a distinguished musician who has made important contributions to Australian music. His energy, commitment  and passion for excellence in music performance have inspired audiences, musicians,... Read More

Thank You Australian Haydn Ensemble

Thank you Australian Haydn Ensemble for making the Society's concert on Friday such a memorable night. Your Boccherini, Haydn and Mozart works were elegant and joyous, full of crystalline beauty. It was a performance that showed masterful technique, panache and warm rapport. Tony Burke from ClassikON came... Read More

Just Announced - Our 2019 Concert Season

We've planned another exciting concert season at The Concourse, featuring some of Australia's most distinguished musicians. We'll be  sending out  our 2019 season brochure and updating our website with details about the artists and their programmes soon. In the meantime, save these dates in your 2019... Read More

Spotlight on The Australian Haydn Ensemble

Our next concert on 31 August 2018 will be several musicians drawn from the Australian Haydn Ensemble, the group that Limelight has called "... a gem in the national period instrument crown." The Australian Haydn Ensemble was formed in late 2011 by a group of musicians with a passion for  performing... Read More

Thank You Seraphim Trio

Thank you Seraphim Trio for a wonderful concert last Friday night, 29 June 2018. Outside it was a cold miserable winters night, but inside the Concourse Concert Hall the audience enjoyed the warmth of Mozart's exquisite piano trio K496, the fire and passion of Schumann's piano trio op 63 and the radiance of Read More

Seraphim Trio - Life Lessons from Music

The Seraphim Trio is one of Australia’s pre-eminent piano trios with a reputation for performing with finesse and impeccable quality.  We're looking forward to hearing the Trio at our next concert on Friday 29 June 2018.   After twenty two years of performing together at the highest level, the Trio members... Read More

Spotlight on Ravel's Piano Trio in A Minor M 67

2018 is the Seraphim Trio’s year of celebrating the history of the piano trio and exploring the way different composers have used the piano trio form in  response to the world around them, including the events, the powerful concerns and influences of their day.  Their concert for Sydney Mozart Society on 29 June... Read More

Thank you AWO Chamber Ensemble

The Australian World Orchestra (AWO) brings together some of Australia’s most successful classical musicians now working around the world.  As well as symphonic performances, the AWO presents a series of chamber music concerts that showcase the exceptional talents of its musicians. We were fortunate that on Friday... Read More

There’s More to the AWO Than Performance

The musicians in our next concert are drawn from the ranks of the Australian World Orchestra (AWO), the orchestra that brings together successful Australian musicians from around the world. While the orchestra's performances are exceptional, there is another side to its contribution to Australian music. Whenever... Read More

Spotlight on the Brahms Clarinet Quintet

At our next concert on 27 April 2018 the Australian World Orchestra Chamber Ensemble will perform Brahms Clarinet Quintet in B minor Op 115.  The facts of how Brahms came to compose the Quintet shed much light on its intelligence, emotional warmth and beauty.  Read about the Quintet then come to the concert to... Read More

Mozart's Irish Connection

It’s St Patrick’s Day this week, the day to celebrate all things Irish. Everyone loves the Irish and has an Irish connection, even Mozart. One of his favourite tenors and good family friends was the Irishman Michael Kelly (1762 -1826). In his memoirs Kelly spoke of "the immortal Mozart and his charming wife". He... Read More

Thank You Flinders Quartet

On Friday night, the Flinders Quartet with guest violin Miki Tsunoda, gave a beautifully balanced performance that brought fresh perspectives to the distinct technical and emotional character of three familiar and much loved works. The programme began with an elegantly restrained performance of Mozart's... Read More

Mozart's Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day this week, the day to celebrate love. Few composers have understood love as completely as Mozart. In all his works, particularly the operas, he presents love to us with all its contradictions and complexity; the intensity, the delight, the longing, the delirium, the tenderness, the serenity and Read More

Flinders Quartet Emerging Composers Project

The best musicians are more than interpreters of composer’s works; they inspire, they teach, they commission, they energise composers. It’s musicians’ generosity of spirit as much as their performance skill that helps to keep music alive and responsive to the world. We’re looking forward to the Flinders... Read More

Thank You Enigma Quartet

Thank you Enigma Quartet and Tim Nankervis for a memorable finale to the Society's 2017 Concert Season. Last night a capacity audience in the Concourse Concert Hall enjoyed a concert performed with consummate musicianship, intelligent interpretations and vibrant style. The Quartet members brought out the... Read More

Thank You Southern Cross Soloists

There was an exhilarating joy in last night's Southern Cross Soloists concert. On stage there were seven masterful musicians performing works of great composers in new arrangements full of fresh musical ideas and vibrant energy. One of the stars of the night was young Australian composer John Rotar. He... Read More

Thank You Duncan, Susan and Sue-Ellen

Last night was another memorable concert for Sydney Mozart Society audience members. There were three distinguished musicians on the stage -  Duncan Gifford, piano, Susan Collins, violin and Sue Ellen Paulsen, ‘cello. They first performed  together in 2005 as the Kingfisher Trio. Duncan now lives and works... Read More

The Magnificent Seven

They strode onto the Concourse stage last night. They met the challenges. They stamped their authority on the music. They were commanding. They were magnificent. They were the Sydney Soloists. Their programme might have seemed like a happy diversion on a winter’s night with the sparkle of Haydn, the joy of... Read More

Spotlight on Beethoven's Septet

Beethoven’s Septet for Strings and Winds op 20 is one of the works in our Sydney Soloists concert on 7 July 2017. Beethoven wrote the Septet when he was 29 years old, it was an immediate success with enduring popularity. Some remarkable people have been associated the Septet: the role model, the composer, the... Read More

Thank You Australia Piano Quartet

Their programme was a beautiful balance of the joyous, the introspective and the exhilarating. The lush lyrical violin of guest member Andrew Haveron complemented the elegantly restrained style of the Quartet perfectly. Their Mozart quartet K452 had a  a light airy sound that was ravishing. Their Mozart... Read More

The Remarkable Life of Richard Goldner

Our 2017 concert season opens on 3 March 2017 with a concert by the Goldner String Quartet.  There is an inspiring story behind the quartet's name.  Richard Goldner, the man in whose honour the Goldner String Quartet is named, came to Australia to escape from the rise of the Nazism, made a fortune then... Read More

Thank You Australian String Quartet

What can you say about an  Australian String Quartet performance that hasn't been said many times before - the beautiful ensemble paying, the masterful technique, the dynamic style, the nuanced interpretation, the effortless grace. Their performance for Sydney Mozart Society on Friday night was all that and so much Read More

A Winning Performance from the Verbrugghen Ensemble

Forget the Olympics in Rio, last night the real action was in the Concourse Concert Hall Chatswood. It was gold, gold, gold all the way for the Verbrugghen Ensemble. It was a tight first half when the team played  Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet with sparkling purity and precision.  At half time, there was a... Read More

Meet Bridget O'Donnell

As much as we love hearing the very top echelon of Australia’s established musicians, we are always pleased to welcome talented young performers to our concert stage. In next week’s Verbrugghen Ensemble concert (Friday 19 August 2016), one of the performers will be Bridget O’Donnell, a violinist with a great... Read More

Meet the Verbrugghen Ensemble

Our fifth concert on Friday 19 August features the newly formed Verbruggen ensemble.  Director of the ensemble is leading USA conductor Dr John Lynch, Associate Professor of Music and Artistic Director and Conductor of the Sydney Conservatorium’s Wind Symphony.  Tony Recsei has had a recent... Read More

Streeton Trio, What the Audience Said

Ben Kopp described the programme for last night's concert as a 'spiritual journey'. It began in the innocent joyous world of Mozart, moved through the intense emotions of Rachmaninov, contemplated mortality with Pärt then reached the transcendence of Mendelssohn. It was beautiful and uplifting music. The... Read More

Selby and Friends, What The Audience Said

There was a generosity of spirit in Friday night's concert. On stage were star performers, Kathryn Selby (piano) Andrew Haveron (violin) and Umberto Clerici ('cello) in a programme that gave each of them space to shine and to share their energy, intelligence and emotional insights.  Their Mozart  sonata for Read More

Flinders Quartet, What the Audience Said

There is a light sculpture that cascades above the upstairs foyer of The Concourse. It is striking in the modernity of its design and construction. It is the perfect visual metaphor for last night's concert. The Flinders Quartet performed three string quartets that were written over two hundred years ago, but as... Read More

Meet Zoe Knighton and the Flinders Quartet

We are looking forward to our next concert on 18 March 2016 when the Flinders Quartet will perform Mozart's string quartet no 14 in G, K 387, Spring , Haydn's  string quartet in E-flat, op 33, no 2, Hob III:38, The Joke and Beethoven's string quartet in C minor, op 18, no 4 Formed in 2000, Read More

Seraphim Trio, What the Audience Said

On Friday night the Seraphim Trio took the audience on a joyous musical journey. They began in the luminous world of Mozart’s piano trio in C K548, they scaled the dramatic mountain peaks of Shubert’s  Piano trio no 1 in B-flat, D 898, they delighted in the sunshine and lush meadows of Schubert’s Piano quintet in... Read More

Meet Timothy Nankervis

Our 2016 concert season will commence next Friday week, 26th February, at the Concourse Concert Hall Chatswood at 8pm with the Seraphim Trio and guest artists performing the Mozart Piano Trio in C, K 548, Schubert Piano Trio No I in B-flat, D 898 and Schubert Piano Quintet in A, D 667, “the... Read More

Thank You Selby and Friends

It was a memorable end to our 2015 concert season when Selby and Friends gave us a beautiful performance on Friday night. It was everything we expect a Selby and Friends concert to be - superb technique, subtle nuanced interpretation and an astonishing dynamic range from pensive calm to exuberant... Read More

Meet Helena Rathbone

Our last concert for 2015 next Friday 16 October at 8pm will feature Kathryn Selby (piano), Helena Rathbone (violin) and Timo-Veikko Valve (‘cello). The varied programme will comprise Mozart’s Piano Trio in E, K 542;  Beethoven – Seven variations for ‘cello and piano on a duet from  Die Zauberflote WoO 46; Read More

Meet Brenda Jones and the Shigeru Kawai

 At our concert on Friday 2nd October 2015 we present a programme performed by the Sonus Piano Quartet.   Tony Recsei interviewed one of the founding members of the group, pianist Brenda Jones about the performers, the piano to be used and the works to be... Read More

Thank You Sophie and Kristian

Thank you Sophie Rowell and Kristian Chong for your brilliant performance of Mozart and Beethoven duo sonatas last night (Friday 28 August 2015). It was a truly memorable concert. It was like listening to a conversation between two eloquent people - full of high spirits, passion, affection, humanity, wisdom and... Read More

Meet Kristian Chong

Kristian Chong is one of the finest Australian pianists of his generation.  Tony Recsei, Sydney Mozart Society Vice-President spoke with Kristian recently about his career, the music and people who inspire him, and the sonatas he will perform with violin virtuoso Sophie Rowell at our concert on 28 August... Read More

The Beautiful 'Cello

Looking through photos  taken at Sydney Mozart Society concert rehearsals over the last year, it was hard not to be struck by what a beautiful instrument the 'cello is - the curved shape, the rich ccolour, the sheen of the varnish and the elegant scroll of the neck. We've  put together a collection of our favourite Read More

Mozart and Friends, What the Audience Said

The old cliché ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ was proven right by last night’s concert.  In the weeks leading up to Friday 31 July 2015, there were quite a few dark clouds hovering over the concert causing changes to the performer line-up and the programme. But the result was pure, luminous, shimmering silver!... Read More

Meet Peter Jenkin

Peter Jenkin, Principal Clarinet with the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, enjoys a distinguished career as an orchestral performer, soloist and ensemble member. His music passions extend from the Baroque, through grand opera to the contemporary. His musical technique is formidable; he is equally comfortable... Read More

Sydney Soloists and Enigma Quartet, What the Audience Said

Last night  (Friday 10 July 2015) the winter weather was bleak, but inside the PLC Performance Centre the ambience was bright and sunny. The audience luxuriated in the radiance of the Haydn string quartet op 74 no 1, the sparkling beauty of Mozart's quintet for clarinet and strings K581 and and the mellow richness... Read More

Meet Marianne Broadfoot and the Enigma Quartet

They are talented, intelligent and vivacious. They are champions of the classics and fearless explorers of the new. They are the members of the Enigma Quartet and they will be joining the Sydney Soloists in a programme of works by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven at the Society’s next concert on Friday 10 July... Read More

Goldner String Quartet, What the Audience Said

Thank you to the Goldner String Quartet for a dazzling performance last Friday night, it was a wonderful opening to our 2015 concert season; our audience experienced music performed with technical mastery, emotional insight and great intelligence.  The Quartet’s performance of Haydn's  string quartet in G,... Read More

Meet the Goldner String Quartet

Launched in 1995 and still retaining all four founding members, the Goldner String Quartet celebrates its twentieth anniversary in 2015. It is Australia’s pre-eminent string quartet. Its members - Dene Olding (violin), Irina Morozova (viola), Julian Smiles (‘cello) and Dimity Hall (violin) - are well known to both... Read More

Southern Cross Soloists, What the Audience Said

Neuroscientists tell us that when musicians perform music, multiple areas of their brains light up as they process sound, melody, rhythm and form in astonishingly rapid and intricate neural pathway patterns. And when we listen to music, our brains get quite a workout too. Just imagine all the dazzling... Read More

Meet Tania Frazer, Southern Cross Soloists

Our concert on 17 October 2014 will feature the Southern Cross Soloists. Seven of Australia’s most accomplished musicians make up the Southern Cross Soloists.  The ensemble is based in Brisbane.  Since its formation in 1995, it has  developed into one of Australia's most successful and widely respected... Read More

Streeton Trio, What the Audience Said

Chamber music concerts are often regarded as sedate, refined affairs. But the very best performances - like the Streeton Trio’s performance last night (Friday 29 August 2014) - are never this. Their performance was exciting and exhilarating. Melodies soared into the air, to be deftly caught and returned with... Read More

Chanterelle String Quartet, What the Audience Said

Describing the challenges of performing chamber music, the great violinist Isaac Stern said,  “Chamber music is so exposed. You can’t hide behind 14 other people playing the same notes (as in an orchestra). You can’t hide anywhere. You’re there all alone with your bare face and your bare note. You’re responsible... Read More

Sydney Soloists, What the Audience Said

It was another truly memorable concert for the Society on Friday 11 July 2014 when the Sydney Soloists performed three great Mozart concerti arranged by Sydney composer, Julie Simonds. We  spoke with some of our audience members about the concert. This is what they said. ‘Stunning. I haven’t... Read More

Meet Julie Simonds

Julie Simonds arranged the three great concerti that the Sydney Soloists will perform at our concert on Friday 11 July 2014. Sydney Mozart Society Secretary, Charmain Boyakovsky, spoke with this very busy multi-talented music professional recently about her career and the challenges of arranging classical... Read More

Australian String Quartet

Welcome to our 2014 series of concerts, which gets off to a fine start on Friday 7 March with the highly respected Australian String Quartet performing quartets by Boccherini, Mozart and Brahms. The Sydney Mozart Society has been proud to present the Australian String Quartet (ASQ), which is resident at the Read More

Meet Penelope Mills

Penelope Mills has performed the great soprano roles with leading Australasian symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, opera companies and choirs. The purity of her voice and her sensitive interpretations of emotionally complex musical works have won her many accolades. We are looking forward to her concert for... Read More

Australia Ensemble, a Rich Musical History

Australia Ensemble resident at the University of New South Wales Establishment and management In 1979 Roger Covell (then an Associate Professor and chief music critic of the Sydney Morning Herald) and clarinettist Murray Khouri approached the University of New South Wales... Read More

Meet Irina Morozova

Our final concert scheduled for 2013 will be performed by the Australia Ensemble.

The Australia Ensemble was formed in 1980 and is resident at the University of New South Wales. Its core members are all virtuoso musicians, who are in high demand. Other leading musicians are frequently invited to join the Read More

Meet Francesco Celata

Francesco Celata is a founding member and Artistic Director of the Sydney Soloists chamber music ensemble, which will be performing for the Society at 8.00pm, Friday 30 August 2013 in the Performing Arts Centre, Pymble Ladies College. Charmain Boyakovsky from Sydney Mozart Society spoke with Francesco... Read More

Meet Selby and Friends

Our third concert for 2013 on Friday, 14 June 2013 at 8.00pm in the Gillian Moore Centre for Performing Arts, Pymble Ladies College,  will feature the Selby and Friends trio.   Tony Recsei Vice President of Sydney Mozart Society recently spoke to the performers - pianist Kathryn Selby, violinist Natsuko Yoshimoto... Read More

Meet the Diemen Quartet

The Dieman Quartet brings together four masterful musicians. Charmain Boyakovsky of Sydney Mozart Society talked to Jeremy Williams of the Dieman Quartet about the Quartet, its sense of place and community in Tasmania and the programme the Quartet will perform for the Society on 19 April... Read More

Remembering Razumovsky

An in-house string quartet, a plot to assassinate the tsar, an international diplomatic summit and a dramatic fall from grace are just some of the elements in the life of Count Andrei Kirillovich Razumovsky, the man who commissioned Beethoven’s set of three string quartets Opus 59, the third one of which we will... Read More