Thank You Streeton Trio

Thank you Streeton Trio - and your guest 'cellist Umberto Clerici - for bringing the Society's 2018 concert season to a thrilling close on  Friday night.

The concert featured  two of the greatest and best- loved works in the piano trio repertoire, Beethoven’s Archduke trio and Schubert’s piano trio no 2. The Streeton Trio's performance  expressed the powerful grandeur, noble themes and rich drama of the works with peerless musical technique and a deep emotional warmth. 

It was a moving and uplifting performance; the sort of unique experience that makes the effort of coming to a live chamber music concert so rewarding for audience members.

Tony Burke reviewed the concert for ClassikON. You can read his review on the ClassikON website 

These are some of our favourite photos from the Trio's pre-concert rehearsal at The Concourse.


          Streeton Trio leaning

                                 Streeton Trio rehearsing Beethoven's Archduke Trio 


               Ben Kopp

                     Ben Kopp, playing The Concourse's  2011 Model D Steinway grand piano


               Emma Jardine.  

                    Emma Jardine plays on a violin made by Denis Cormier, Montreal, Canada,
Emma explained that she is the violin's first owner and that it is a
                    special experience when violinist and violin can both grow musically.


               Umberto Clerici

                      Umberto Clerici plays a  Matteo Goffrilier 'cello made in Venice in 1722.


          Streeton Trio Collage Movement



                                     Photos and text: Charmain Boyakovsky