Thank You Selby and Friends

It was a memorable end to our 2015 concert season when Selby and Friends gave us a beautiful performance on Friday night. It was everything we expect a Selby and Friends concert to be - superb technique, subtle nuanced interpretation and an astonishing dynamic range from pensive calm to exuberant energy.


 Helena Timo Kathy after the concert

          Helena Rathbone (violin), Timo-Viekko Valve ('cello) and Kathryn Selby (piano),                                     relaxed and happy after the concert.   


We loved watching the performers in rehearsal, seeing  the creative process in action; the intense focus, the intelligence, the rapport that goes into moulding a beautiful ensemble performance.


 Tipe rehearsal


Kathy in rehearsal


Helena in rehearsal


tipi and kathy in rehearsal 


Helena and Tipi


                                        Text and Photos: Charmain Boyakovsky