Thank you Frank Celata and Friends

A big "Thank You" to Frank Celata and Friends for an extra-special concert on March 31. The rapport of highly skilled friends added a unique energy to an exceptional audience experience.

Don't take my word for it - see Tony Burke's review for ClassikON.

Our favourite among his comments: "Long may the Sydney Mozart Society continue with such programmes - with enticing music played by brilliant artists."

Needless to say we hope to do just that.


Frank Celata and Friends:

Top: L-R Ola Rudner (violin 1); Frank Celata (clarinet); Tobias Breider (viola)

2022 SMS 2 Frank Celata and Friends Website CAI 300w 400h.jpgL

This row L-R:  Vivian Choi Milton (plano), Catherine Hewgill (cello), Kees Boersma (double bass) and Anna Skálová (violin 2)