Seraphim Trio, What the Audience Said

On Friday night the Seraphim Trio took the audience on a joyous musical journey. They began in the luminous world of Mozart’s piano trio in C K548, they scaled the dramatic mountain peaks of Shubert’s  Piano trio no 1 in B-flat, D 898, they delighted in the sunshine and lush meadows of Schubert’s Piano quintet in A, “The Trout”.

It ‘s impossible to imagine a nicer way to have opened our 2017 season in our new venue, the Concourse Concert Hall, Chatswood.

 Seraphim trio and guests thirds

                                   Seraphim Trio and guests rehearsing

We spoke to some of the audience members about the concert. This is what they said.

"The Mozart was so beautiful, so pure and elegant."

“It was interesting to hear the performers talk about the works.  ‘Put on your hiking boots; we’re going to climb a mountain ‘ was a great way to describe the Schubert trio!”

“Mozart was lovely. The Schubert Quintet was bright.  But the highlight for me tonight was the Schubert trio – the group brought out the rich orchestral colours in the music. I also admired the way they controlled the changing moods in the piece. That takes finesse.”

“I loved it all. I’m a student of the cello so the cello performance was particularly enjoyable for me.”

“I’m not a music aficionado but I did enjoy the concert immensely. I’ve been to bigger orchestral performances before. This is my first time at a concert like this. The music seems to flow and meander in an appealing way. It’s a bit of an adventure really.”

“Wonderful performance. If I have to pick a favourite moment, it would be the Trout’ quintet - the music just sweeps you up in the joy of living.”

"Very impressed by all the performers.”

"The new venue has a concert-friendly acoustic framework that adds life and vibrancy to the music. Congratulations Mozart Society on your new home.”

"I certainly enjoyed the Seraphim Trio & their guest artists. At first I thought David Campbell & his instrument would overshadow the stage – but as soon as they started playing, the quintet was as one."

Here are some of our favourite rehearsal photos from the night.


Anna Goldsworthy

                          Anna Goldsworthy, piano,  in a contemplative moment. 


Tim Nankervis

                                                     Tim Nankervis   


Jacqui Cronin

                                                               Jacqui Cronin 


David Campbell 

                                                      David Campbell 


Helen Ayres 

                                                          Helen Ayres


                                        Text and Photos: Charmain Boyakovsky