Thank you, Seraphim Trio

Thank you Seraphim Trio for a wonderful concert last Wednesday night, 31 August, 2022.

Outside it was cold, dark and ordinary, but inside the Concourse Concert Hall the Seraphim Trio wove their unique magic and the audience enjoyed the warm cheer of Haydn's C major piano trio and the almost symphonic sonority and moving lyrical beauty of Beethoven's Archduke. Performed with the finesse, sensitivity and technical mastery for which the Seraphim Trio is renowned.

This joyous musical journey ended with a big, fabulous finish as, swelled by guest artists, Kristian Winther and Jacqueline Cronin, the now quintet individually charmed then together danced, marched and twirled the audience through Schumann's piano quintet, Op.44

The palpable silence between movements spoke volumes too.

Another memorably uplifting concert.